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Technique Tips - How to Pot a Ball

This is mainly for those who are new to the game or even those who play snooker leisurely but need some reinforcement of what fundamentals they should incorporate into their potting technique. This will include tips from all over as well as some insight provided by professional players.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump separated in Shanghai Masters draw. The last time they faced in this tournament showed a one-sided result. But things have drastically changed since then.

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When Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Ali Carter 5-2 at the 2007 Northern Ireland Trophy, each frame he won consisted of a century! One of these centuries was a 147!


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Often, shorts will be related to what is currently happening in the world of snooker. Other times, they will be standalone, singular topics about things that may pose a burning question in the mind of every snooker fan. Like ‘how on earth does the snooker ranking system work?’


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