Fact of the week - 19/08/2019

When Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Ali Carter 5-2 at the 2007 Northern Ireland Trophy, each frame he won consisted of a century! One of these centuries was a 147!


Fact No. 16 - 05/08/2019

18.5 million people tuned in to the famous black ball final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor in 1985

Fact No. 17 - 12/08/2019

David Gilbert made the 147th maximum break during the 2019 Champions League against Stephen Maguire. There are a total of 152 maximum breaks and counting

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Fact No. 15 - 29/07/2019

Stephen Hendry won the Masters 5 times in a row from 1989-1993 and was allowed to keep the old trophy for this achievement. A new one had to be made for following tournaments.

Fact No. 14 - 22/07/2019

Luca Brecel is the youngest player to debut in the World Championship at age 17 in the 2012 WSC

Fact No. 13 - 15/07/2019

Current WPBSA Chairman, Jason Ferguson used to be a professional snooker player. His highest ranking was 28

Fact No. 12 - 08/07/2019

Shaun Murphy is the first player to come through qualifying and win the World Championship back in 2005

Fact No. 11 - 01/07/2019

In theory, the most points you could score in a single shot is 16 - that is, if you can manage to pot every single red off of one shot, whilst having a free ball!

Fact No. 10 - 24/06/2019

Did you know the Paul Hunter Classic tournament was formerly known as the ‘Grand Prix Fürth’ before being renamed in 2007?

Fact No. 9 - 17/06/2019

Ronnie O'Sullivan first became World Number 1 in the 2002/03 season

Fact No. 8 - 10/06/2019

Only two players entered the 1931 World Championship: Joe Davis and Tom Dennis

Fact No. 7 - 03/06/2019

Peter Ebdon turned professional in 1991 and made a statement beating Steve Davis in the first round of WSC 1992 (he won 10-4)

Fact No. 6 - 27/05/2019

Mark Selby won the World 8-Ball Pool Championship in 2006

Fact No. 5 - 20/05/2019

Jimmy White starred as himself in 1990's 'Legend of the Dragon', a Hong Kong comedy film

Fact No. 4 - 13/05/2019

The 'foul and a miss' rule was introduced in 1995

Fact No. 3 - 06/05/2019

Did you know John Higgins made the 1000th century at the Crucible in 2007 during the semi-finals? This was also his 350th century at the time

Fact No. 2 - 29/04/2019

Steve Davis made the semi-finals of the World Snooker Championship for 9 years consecutively from 1983-1991

Fact No. 1 - 22/04/2019

Did you know the World Snooker Championships 1971 and 1975 were held in Australia?