What is snooker shorts?

Snooker Shorts serves to be a place for the casual, passionate and also the new snooker fan. It is primarily an informal snooker blog, but also consists of other minor pieces of content such as our ‘Facts of the Week’, ‘Snooker Shorts Top 5’ and our brief headline which is displayed on the Home Page.

What is a Short?

A short is basically a small post or article about a certain topic. Shorts aren’t meant to be long, journalism-like technical articles; but more of a casual, easy read for the keen snooker fan.

Often, shorts will be related to what is currently happening in the world of snooker. Other times, they will be standalone, singular topics about things that may pose a burning question in the mind of every snooker fan. Like ‘how on earth does the snooker ranking system work?’

When can I expect new content on the website?

A new short will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday. Facts of the Week are updated every Monday. Other areas like Snooker Shorts Top 5 and the headline on the front page will be updated as and when any major changes happen in the snooker environment.

Besides snooker, what else do you like?

Snooker is pretty much the only sport that I follow. Other interests include comic books, video games, movies/TV shows. You know, things that are worth mentioning in job interviews. I also occasionally play some sports from time to time