Snooker Shorts Top 5

This list has been updated following the English Open 2019

This Top 5 is purely subjective and based off how I think the following players have performed in the past season (or in the past few tournaments). This list will normally be updated after every tournament although, considering a lot of players don’t participate in every single tournament, chances are that list remains the same for at least a few tournaments at a time.


1) Judd trump

World Champion and No. 1, Trump remains at the helm of the Top 5 list. Trump has gotten his season off to a great start by continuing where he left off and winning the International Championship. Despite not making significant ground in the Shanghai Masters, Trump is still the best player on the tour and all players have some significant catching up to do.

Trump is still on track to try and claim all Triple Crown events in the 2019 calendar year as he will head into the UK Championship at the end of this year with the Masters and WSC on his back.

2) Ronnie o’sullivan

After winning 3 ranking and 2 non-ranking titles last season, O’Sullivan has continued to show that he is the man to beat by claiming his third consecutive Shanghai Masters trophy. This is his first appearance of the season and much like the previous couple of years, he continues to make tremendous progress in the tournaments he chooses to compete in.

Perhaps the only player who can take the No. 1 spot away from Trump, both in this list and the official rankings, his next inevitable showdown with Trump will paint a clear picture as to who is the best and at the top of the sport.




Arguably the best long potter in the game right now, alongside Trump. After a relatively weak performance last season by his standards, Murphy has commenced his 2019/20 journey with three consecutive finals; the International Championship, Shanghai Masters and the China Championship. Only to lose out to those to reside in the spots above him, Shaun has shown an improvement in his game seeing him beat the likes of Robertson, Allen and Dott along the way.

With the China Championship now added to his list of accolades, this win may have just opened the floodgates and given Murphy the much needed confidence to keep this streak going. And considering how competitive the scene is this year, Murphy deserves No. 3 on this list.

4) Mark Selby

After a considerable dry spell and worrying past couple of seasons by the former World Champion and long-time No. 1, Selby has seemingly found his consistency and form that many had feared some years ago.

Two semi-finals and his maiden Home Nations title (English Open) sees Selby finding himself coming back into the driving seat. His dominant performance in the English Open final is a testament to that. With 16 ranking titles to his name, will this start to the season so far be a sign of things to come?



5) Mark allen

Allen has had a good start to his season so far; making the semi-finals of both the International Championships, Shanghai Masters and English Open so far. His game has significantly improved since the year of his Masters win and he continues to show that in present day.

Allen is unafraid to change things up in his practice and coaching to get the very best out of himself. And by being the person who brought Trump down from his 13 match win streak since the WSC deserves a place in this Top 5.