Snooker Shorts Top 5

This list has been updated following the World Championship 2019

This Top 5 is purely subjective and based off how I think the following players have performed in the past season (or in the past few tournaments). This list will normally be updated after every tournament although, considering a lot of players don’t participate in every single tournament, chances are that list remains the same for at least a few tournaments at a time.


1) Judd trump

The current World Champion and easily the best/most feared player on the tour right now. With multiple victories this season over Mark Selby as well as multiple finals wins over Ronnie O’Sullivan; we can now add a major final win against John Higgins to that list of accolades!

His game has upped a level tremendously from before and unlike previous years where he has displayed this ability, he is starting to show a lot more bottle going into major events. Trump has now turned into the kind of player we all knew he was capable of. Now can he win the UK Championship in the later half of this year to win all all Triple Crown events in the same year?

2) Ronnie o’sullivan

Despite his uncharacteristic (yet somewhat characteristic) exit from this year’s World Championship, there’s no denying the enviable and dominant performance of O’Sullivan this season. It has been a historic year with multiple ranking events this season alone, reaching 1000 centuries and equaling Steve Davis’ UK Championships and Stephen Hendry’s ranking title record.

Having already won the Champion of Champions, UK Championship as well as Players and Tour Championships gives no doubt that Ronnie O’Sullivan is still one of the top players in the circuit right now. Let’s not forget that this season he has pretty much gotten to the final of all the (few) tournaments he has entered.



3) Neil robertson

Another one of the players of the season, Neil Robertson was deservedly one of the top picks to win the World Championship this year. His performance this season has been incredible, making multiple finals as well as winning the Riga Masters, Welsh Open and China Open.

Although he lost out on a couple finals to O’Sullivan, you can see the noticeable improvement in his game compared to the previous few years; and start to see shades of Robertson at his former peak. Unfortunately, he could not make it past John Higgins in the World Championship this year

If there’s anything to say about The Thunder from Down Under, it’s that he has a phenomenal instinct to fight back. Multiple victories from the jaws of defeat by the likes of Mark Selby and Judd Trump earn him a well deserved spot in this Top 5.

4) john higgins

Although he hasn’t had the best of seasons, John Higgins always seems to pull out his top performances when the time is right, and for the past 3 years at the World’s, he has done just that.

He wasn’t able to make is past Judd Trump to win the big one for the 5th time, but Higgins just goes to show that the class of ‘92 is not going anywhere.

Still arguably the best match player of all time, he proves to be a match to anyone that steps in front of him, at any tournament. And I would hate to be the person that has to face him at The Crucible



5) Kyren wilson

As the seasons roll by, Kyren Wilson is one of those players that just keeps getting better and better. He’s continuously working on improving his game and bettering his, what I personally think (and mean as a compliment), robotic and consistent technique.

Kyren is getting closer to that one big win that could potentially open the floodgates and lead to multiple titles in his illustrious future. For a player like Kyren and the way he is progressing, it is only a matter of time; and his win at the German Masters this year takes him one event closer.