Five Players who should have won the World Championship


The idea for this was conceived quite some time ago but because this has been written only recently, Judd Trump is no longer on this list. So, which 5 players do we think should have won the WSC?

Ding Junhui

A finalist in 2016 and semi-finalist the year after; former Masters and UK Champion Ding Junhui has everything it takes to be a World Champion. China are still searching for their first Asian World Champion and many think that Ding will be the one to be at the top of that pedestal. He always seems to come up against the eventual winners of the WSC but if Ding can take his game up another level to withstand the longer matches in the later rounds and maintain his consistency, a WSC should be in his near future.

Alan McManus

The 1994 Masters champion; McManus’ best WSC run was in 2016 where he made the semi-finals. This included a victory over Higgins but an eventual loss to the aforementioned gentleman above. Although his positive quirk and snooker know-how is well suited in the commentary box, McManus’ knowledge around the table is vast enough to win him a world title and many, including myself would love to see him lift the trophy.

Marco Fu

Much like McManus, Fu’s most recent and best run in the WSC was in 2016 where he had one of the best matches of the tournament against the eventual winner, Mark Selby. Fu is probably the player I want most to win the WSC. He has every element of the game covered; he’s beaten all of the top players; and produces some of the best matches in the WSC. Just watch his match against Selby or his matches the following year against Brecel and Robertson. Fu is my ultimate dark horse. One day.

Barry Hawkins

2013 WSC finalist and multiple time semi-finalist since then, no one has a bad thing to say about Barry Hawkins. Despite his unfortunate second round exit this past year, Hawkins is someone you can always rely on performing well at the Worlds. He’s a player that doesn’t seem to lose his ability with age and a strong contender to eventually lift the trophy. And seeing that his birthday always falls in the WSC tournament, what a great present that would be.

Jimmy White

Multiple time runner up, we couldn’t not include the Whirlwind on this list. We like to keep hope alive and considering White is still playing on the tour, the possibility is always there. And if you’re a believer in multi-verse theory, then it already has. But that’s beside the point. He hasn’t qualified for the WSC since 2006 and his last considerable run was to the quarter-finals in 2000 but as long as White still holds a cue, he will be going for it every year and he will have the support behind him.

This is only Part 1 of this Short. There are others who we think deserved to win the WSC which will be covered at some point in the future. Many more to come.