Player Spotlight – Jack Lisowski


Runner up in the 2018 Riga Masters and 2019 China Open (only to lose to Neil Robertson both times), what do we know about the 27 year old multiple time quarter-finalist? A player with a tremendous talent and ability to pot balls; will we soon be seeing him lift his first ranking title?

Like many others, Lisowski displayed a flair with the sport from a young age, making his first century at 11 years old. He has since been training and practicing his craft with coaches and other players to become the player we know him as today. Most are probably aware of the dire health issues that Lisowski had to overcome at a young age but fortunately, he wasn’t halted in his snooker dream.

Cheltenham-born Lisowski turned professional in 2010 and has since been becoming more of a regular face to look out for in big tournaments. He is now currently ranked 11 in the world but still yet to win a ranking event. He has steadily risen in the rankings since turning pro so perhaps his residence in the Top 16 and maybe even the Top 8 going forward this season will provide the confidence to lift that maiden trophy.

Lisowski first attended the Crucible in 2013 but was eliminated in the first round by Barry Hawkins. His next appearance wouldn’t be until 2018 where he reached the second round but suffered a near whitewash against Higgins. His luck didn’t change this year where he came up against Ali Carter in the first round.

My view of Lisowski is that he suffers from what Judd Trump used to. What I mean is that we have a player with a bucket of potential who is still trying to get experience, not only with big events; but particularly making significant distance in these big events. There are a few occasions off the top of my head this season alone where Lisowski has lost a decider or a big lead in a match.

This will only change with more experience and titles which I am certain Lisowski will possess in the future. I mean, you don’t get rank 11 and amass over half a million in career earnings without having good game.