Top Non-Ranking Events in 2018/19 Season


Following the recent short where we looked at the highest paying ranking events of the 2018/19 season, this time we’ll observe the highest rewarding non-ranking events of the snooker calendar. Unlike ranking events, there are actually just a handful of non-ranking events held in the year.

Much like the short which looked at the top ranking events of 2018/19, we’re mainly looking at the winning prize shares of these non-ranking events.

Both the Masters and Shanghai Masters reward the winner of each event with £200,000. Obviously, the Masters held in Alexandra Palace will hold more esteem considering it is one of the Triple Crown events. Although, it is worth noting that the Shanghai Masters actually has a higher total prize fund than the Masters; £725,000 compared with £600,000 in 2018/19.

Next, the Champion of Champions, held in early November rewards the second highest paying non-ranking event to the winner with a prize of £100,000. This is then followed by the Champions League event, which pays out £3000 to the winners of each group as well as a prize of £10,000 to the overall play-off winner.

Lastly, an event that most may not even have known about; the Haining Open held in China from the end of July to early August provides ¥120,000 which roughly comes to £13,000-14,000. This was won by Mark Selby in 2018.

As stated before, there aren’t many non-ranking events, but for the few that there are, they tend to be invitational events with a fruitful reward. This obviously doesn’t take into account Seniors or Variant events like the 6-red tournaments. It also doesn’t consider amateur or Pro-am events.

So what’s your favourite non-ranking event?