Stephen Hendry as a commentator


This short is more of a shout out and a nod to the 7-time-World-Champion-turned-commentator, Stephen Hendry. I know there are others that will agree with me in saying that Hendry provides excellent commentary on any game that he voices over. But in my opinion, he is arguably the best commentator of the lot right now; and has been for quite some time.

No one else can provide the insight that Hendry does – don’t get me wrong, other commentators on both BBC and Eurosport’s team can do the job, but there aren’t any that can call the shots like Hendry does. He will precisely call the next sequence of shots long before a player has gotten down for their first shot.

I think one of the things that makes Hendry so good is that he doesn’t focus on superfluous catchphrases. He’s more concerned with the technicalities of the game and the match he is calling. He looks more at the fundamentals as to why a shot was missed or poorly played and can really get into the mind of the players. And who better to be able to read the situation a player is going through than someone who has ‘been there, done that’?

I must give an honourable mention to Steve Davis and Alan McManus on commentary as well. Steve, for the incredible humour he brings to a match (which often pairs well with Hendry’s personality) and Alan for his unique insight and delightful little expressions that he comes out with.