World Snooker Championship 2019 - Shorts Thoughts


Best match: David Gilbert vs. John Higgins; followed closely by Luca Brecel vs. Gary Wilson

Best shots: Gary Wilson’s snooker against Trump and John Higgins’ long double against Gilbert

Predicted winner: Neil Robertson or Judd Trump. Leaned more towards Neil Robertson though

Biggest surprise: Ronnie O’Sullivan

Standout moments: John Higgins and Judd Trumps’ 147 attempts in their penultimate session in the final. Also, all the times the bottles of water dropped

Best ‘what could have been’ moment: A potential David Gilbert vs. Gary Wilson final

Favourite player: David Gilbert

Overall, this year’s WSC was top drawer in my opinion. So many matches that went into final frame deciders; breaking the Crucible century’s record; and the emergence of a few players that will prove to be a formidable force going forward.

One of the best parts for me though is that we witnessed a final which we haven’t seen for while where the victor dominates their opponent in a fashion worthy of being called a World Champion. It wasn’t a constant back and forth where things went down to the wire, like in the preceding years, but a display of sheer force and a possibility of what is to come in the following years. Incredible performance by Judd Trump and perhaps we could be seeing the start of a new era?